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How a Mini Skip Hire Can Save You Money

Hiring a skip can be a great help when you’re clearing out your home or garden. Whether you’re moving house or just having a good spring clean, chances are you’ll have a bit too much for your regular local waste collection. However, sometimes you may also not have quite enough to fill a large skip. In this scenario, mini skip hire could be the perfect solution.

Let’s take a look at how hiring a mini skip can save you money, as well as being a handy piece of equipment for a clear out.

What size is a mini skip?

First up, what counts as a ‘mini’ skip? Well, skips come in all shapes and sizes, with varying capacities. Some are more suited to heavy waste than others.

At Kent Skips, our largest skip is a 12-yard skip, which is perfect for house or commercial clearances. They can fit approximately 128 wheelbarrows or 120 black bin liners worth of waste. However, our 12-yard skips are not suitable for heavy construction waste. For dense objects, you’re better off with an 8-yard size. If you’d like to know more about What you can and can’t put in a skip, take a look at our guide: Everything you need to know about skip hire.

On the other end of the size scale, we have a 2-yard mini skip which can hold approximately two tonnes of soil or rubble or 28 wheelbarrows of waste. A mini skip is ideal for a small household, garden or garage clearance.

How mini skip hire can save you money

Cut costs with a smaller option

As you can see, different size skips are best for different amounts and types of waste.

Skips generally scale in price, meaning that mini skips are cheaper to hire than larger ones. When having a clearout, it may be tempting to hire a large skip to be on the safe side. However, chances are, if you’re sorting out your garden or a small house, a mini skip hire should be sufficient. There’s no need to pay over the odds. Knowing which size skip to go for can help you make the most of your space, as well as saving you money.

Save on fuel

In addition, mini skip hire can save you money on fuel. Without hiring a skip, you may have to make numerous trips to your local tip or recycling centre. Over time, the cost of these car journeys will add up.

There’s also the risk you may damage your car by loading it up with building materials, which may lead to expensive repairs.

As such, mini skip hire can save you both time and money and protect your car! You can fill your skip, then have it disposed of all in one go.

Save on transportation fees

If you don’t drive or own a car, then transporting waste after a house clearout can be even more challenging. Mini skip hire is the ideal solution for removing bulky or heavy items without having to hire a car or arrange for individual pickups. Hiring vehicles and drivers to get rid of electricals, furniture and rubble can become very expensive. Again, with a mini skip, you can collect everything in one place so you don’t have to organise travel or collection multiple times.

Don’t risk fines

Fly-tipping comes with hefty fines. Though it can be appealing to hire sole traders to transport your rubbish, it’s important to make sure you find a reputable one. If they cut corners at any point or fly-tip, it could be traced back to you.

You may also get in trouble if you pile rubble and debris outside your property, again leading to fines. Hiring a mini skip keeps everything in one place and indicates that you’re taking responsibility for the waste. A mini version is especially beneficial if you don’t have much at the front of your home.

At Kent Skip Hire, we also offer a Load and Go service — ideal for any properties that don’t have a driveway or front garden. Suitable for use with any skip size, including mini skip hire, this service offers you a speedy turnaround. One of our drivers will deliver the desired size skip to you, wait for 30 minutes while you load it, then drive away again.

Kent Skip Hire

If you’re in need of mini skip hire in the North Suffolk or South Norfolk area, look no further than Kent Skip Hire! With an experienced team and honest, competitive prices, we can deliver the ideal skip directly to you.

For affordable mini skip hire, you can book online or get in touch with our friendly team to discuss your requirements.