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Why Are Skip Hire Services Important for Effective Waste Management?

Working from home, plus the social restrictions that have been imposed over the last year, have led to many of us undertaking major renovation work, both within our homes and in our gardens. This work can often lead to a substantial accumulation of waste.

If you have accumulated a substantial amount of waste, either in your garden or within your property, you may be considering your options for disposing of it. You could make numerous car trips to the tips or you could look to hire a vehicle to dispose of it all in one go. Alternatively, you could go online and search for ‘skips near me’.

Hiring a skip can be an effective and efficient way of removing waste, in this blog we will look at a few of the compelling reasons why…

Protect the environment

Sorting through your waste at the tip can be an arduous and dull process. Working out which items need to go in which container can also be difficult to work out, this can lead to errors being made and your waste not being recycled correctly. If you use a skip hire service, all of your waste is compartmentalised and disposed of correctly.

Licensed skip hire companies will dispose of your waste ethically and in an environmentally friendly way. All waste is compartmentalised and disposed of in the correct containers.

Keeps things tidy

We are not claiming that skips are the most visually appealing item you can have on your property, but compared to a garden covered in piles of earth and other waste, it is a far better-looking option. It will also make tidying your property a far easier job, as there won’t be items lying randomly around and there won’t be blockages to your walkways.

Save you time

Skips come in all shapes and sizes, but ultimately they are big storage units that allow you to store your waste in one convenient place. This removes the need to make numerous trips to the tip to unload your waste.

This helps to free up your time, as well as saving you additional heavy lifting and freeing up some space on your property. Overall, this can make garden and house projects a lot quicker to complete.

Stay within the law

There are a lot of legal requirements you need to meet when disposing of waste. The last thing you want when disposing of the waste is to fall foul of regulations and incur a heavy fine.

The good news is that skip hire companies are not only obliged to follow these rules but also highly experienced in doing so. A skip hire company will remove any risk of you incurring a penalty for illegal waste disposal.

Safety first

Having large waste items lying around your property can present a lot of trip hazards. There’s also the issue of having potentially dangerous items and materials within the reach of young children. A skip can help ensure that not only will all your waste be away from tiny hands, but will also be out of your way when walking around the property.

Minimise lifting

Unfortunately, you will need to load your skips. However, you won’t need to unload it at the tip, as the skip hire company will do that for you.

Reducing your heavy lifting by 50% can be a huge benefit if you are suffering from any muscular injuries. Furthermore, if you have any items that require two (or more!) people to lift, you don’t have to worry about asking other people to accompany you to the tip.

Save money

On the face of it, you probably think hiring a skip is more expensive than the ‘do it yourself’ waste disposal option. But consider the extra costs associated with removing the waste yourself: Driving to the tip a few times requires petrol. You will probably need to purchase storage containers to transport your waste. You may even need to hire a vehicle to dispose of the waste.

When you weigh it all up, not only is skip hire more convenient but it can also save you money in the long run.

How Kent Skips can help

As you can see, there are a number of compelling reasons why skip hire services are important for waste management.

Kent Skips have over 30 years of experience in skip hire. We are a friendly, family-run business covering South and North Suffolk. If you are looking for skip hire in Ipswich, we can offer you a reliable, professional and competitively priced service. Contact us now to find out how we can help.