Skip delivery/collection

• Skips must be accessible and clear of any obstructions for ease of access.
• Driveway / ground must be suitable for HGV to pass over, fully laden (18 tonne). Kent Skips do not take responsibility for any damage caused to property whilst delivering/collecting skips.
• It is the customers responsibility to report any drainage or manhole covers to driver.
• Skips are not to be moved once Kent Skips have placed the skip.
• Customer to inform Kent Skips of any height restriction regarding wires, trees, etc. A height of 4.5m is required to lift skip onto buck. For access a height of 3.6m is required.
• Kent Skips reserve the right to postpone delivery or not fulfil any order without incurring counter charge from customer through loss of time etc.
• Kent Skips will only do this in unforeseen circumstances and customer will be eligible for a refund or rescheduled delivery.


• No prohibited items to be placed in our skips:
Asbestos (in any shape or form)
Chemical based items (anything that can cause harm to the water course)

Eg. Roundup
White Spirit
Clinical waste

Electrical Items (Part of the WEE Regulations)

Eg. Fridges
Florescent Tubes
Lithium Iron Batteries
Household Food Waste

• Vehicle tyres are chargeable. Car tyres are £7.50 each off rims and £10 each on rims.
• Mattresses are chargeable at £18 per mattress.
• Kent Skips reserve the right to charge for any non-conforming waste.
• Customer to collect any non-conforming waste Kent Skips may return waste if convenient..
• At no point should wet concrete be poured into our skip. Kent Skips reserves the right to charge for any issues this may cause.
• Kent Skips reserves the right to charge for excess non-recyclable waste.
• Oversized waste could also be chargeable. Eg. tree stumps.
• All Plasterboard to be bagged up.
• Contaminated soil is not accepted and duty of care should be undertaken to prevent contaminated waste being places in the skip(Soil analysis and land history taken into consideration).
• We do not accept any (POPs) Persistent Organic Pollutants in the form of fire retardant upholstered domestic seating. Textiles and foam in waste upholstered domestic seating often contain Persistent Organic Pollutants (POPs) and other hazardous chemicals. Legal requirements apply to these chemicals and the management of these waste items. They must not be disposed of in landfill.


• Level loads only.
• The skip should be loaded in a suitable manner and it is down to the drivers discretion to remove any overloaded waste.
• Kent Skips should be informed of any change in waste type, other than that was stated at the point of booking.
• Any waste beside skips will not be collected.


• Payment to be made at point of booking/delivery.
• Skips will not be left at delivery point without payment being received.
• Account customers must adhere to our 30 day payment terms.


• Customers will be responsible for any damage and/or excess wear and tear to the skips and will be liable for the cost.
• Fires/burning of waste is prohibited in skips and customers will be liable for any cost for repairs.


• A hire period of 2 weeks is advised. Skip will not be collected automatically after this period. We ask our customers to phone or email to confirm the skip is ready for collection.
• Once collection has been logged, Kent Skips will collect at our convenience.

Health & Safety

• Customers to be responsible for drivers safety whilst on site and they are not to be put at risk during delivery/collection.